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 HyperSpikeTM HS-14 Acoustic Hailing Device

hyperspike hs-14 long range acoustic hailing device for military law enforcement tactical and search and rescue
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HyperSpike is synonymous with high-performance, lasting durability, and efficient power and architecture and the HyperSpike HS-14 from Ultra Electronics lives up to this reputation indeed. The HS-14 is the pinnacle in acoustic hailing technology.

The HS-14 weighs only 35 pounds and produces the crystal clear intelligibility HyperSpike hailers are famous for and at 151 dB! The HS-14 is DC powered with built in amplifier and electronics making it ideal for mobile applications where long range targeted communication is critical.

As you should expect the HS-14 like all HyperSpike products integrates easily with any electronic device; iPod, smart phone, tablet, laptop, computer, media player and the like for triggering and activation via a simple 1/8” (3.5mm) LINE IN stereo jack… simple, powerful, and highly effective.

The HyperSpike HS-14 is perfectly suited for mobile air, land, or sea applications; shipboard hailing, search and rescue, border patrol, military, and the like. Ruggedized for the harshest operating environments imaginable you will never worry about performance. The HS-14 is arrayed with exceptional usability features and integrates with numerous first in class sensing and detection technology accessories and offers flexible power configurations.

If this is your first time learning about HyperSpike it’s time for you to find out why our customers choose HyperSpike exclusively to protect their customers and critical infrastructures. Call or email us today to schedule a demonstration at your facility… serious inquiries only please.

We did not simply set out to offer only the very best because our scrutinizing customers will accept nothing less we are committed to helping the men and women that keep us safe… well keep us safe, whatever form that takes. When it comes to high security and life safety; performance and reliability are mandatory imperatives and HyperSpike delivers. All models are hand crafted in Fort Wayne, Indiana with the finest materials money can buy so lead times on most orders are 2 to 3 weeks.
•  Peak acoustic output; 151 dB SPL
•  Built-in amplifier and electronics
•  Good for long range applications; 1500 m+
•  +/- 12° narrow acoustic beam
•  Voice optimized frequency range; 280 Hz - 8 kHz
•  Input power; 10 -34 VDC
•  Carbon fiber construction
•  Very lightweight; only 35lbs
•  Built-in high frequency alert tone
•  Compatible with Phraselator P2
•  Crystal clear intelligibility with an STI rating of 0.81 out of 1.0
•  LINE IN; 1/8" stereo jack cable for iPod, MP3, Smart Phone, etc
•  Ideal power output to size and weight ratio
•  Completely self contained
•  Military; Air, Land, and Sea
•  Small and Large Fixed Platforms & Mobile Vehicles
•  Perimeter Security and Intrusion Protection
•  Law Enforcement/ SWAT/ Tactical
•  Search & Rescue and Physical Void Searches
•  Crowd Control and Riot Dispersion
•  Fire and Ranger Vehicles, Towers, and Services
•  Lifeguard Services/ First Responders
•  Maritime and Shipping
•  Border Patrol and Barricade Enforcement
•  Port and Harbor Security
•  Cruise Ship and Super Yacht Security and Hailing
•  Animal Control
Included Accessories
•  Saddle Bracket
•  mp3 Player
•  SD Memory Card
•  10' (3 meter) Power Cord
•  Record/ Play - Push to Talk (PTT) Microphone
•  Hearing Protection
•  Accessory Bag
•  HyperSpike Audio Optimizer Software
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